Forming our Children for a Life of Faith
'...Jesus said, "Let the children come to me"...'
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church offers weekly discipleship classes that include learning about Jesus and having fun. They are open to all children!  Classes begin at 10:00 A.M. each Sunday.  Most classrooms are located on the lower level (the Scharf Resource Library is on the main level).

The Nursery provides child care during Sunday worship services, Wednesday's at Holy Trinity, and special events. The Nursery is for children age four and younger.  Our nursery attendants proivde attentive supervision, interactive play, and a secure environment to help ensure child safety.



cross-purpleFrolic Preschool & Kindergarten (room 111) 

frolicFrolic Preschool/Kindergarten is a play-based curriculum that helps children experience Bible stories and faith-based storybooks in meaningful, memorable ways. Frolic also encourages young children to form relationships with their peers and teachers, creating a thriving early childhood community in the church. Through play, games, stories, songs, and prayers, Frolic invites children to take little steps toward big faith.


cross-purpleWhirl All Kids Sunday School - 1st-6th Grades (room 106) 

whirlEach week, kids in Whirl All Kids Sunday school watch a three-minute video featuring animated characters who encounter fun, adventure, and surprises as they meet up at their church and in their community. Each episode is rooted in the day’s theme and shows the kids living out faith in a wide range of situations. No matter what the challenge, the kids in the Whirl videos are ready to show kids that a life in the church is a great place to meet friends, explore the Bible, and grow in faith!


cross-purpleAffirmation of Baptism - 7th-8th Grades (Scharf Resource Library)

Please contact Pastor David for information and details regarding Affirmation of Baptism classes.



cross-purpleHigh School Youth - 9th-12th Grades (room 103)

thischangeseverythingThis Changes Everything - For by grace you have been saved through faith, and this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God. Ephesians 2:8.

GRACE is a foundational and distinctive piece of the Lutheran faith. This gift, undeserved and freely given, changes lives and perspectives as people realize they are enough because of what Christ has done and are called into the world to serve their neighbor and share the good news.

The cross is the focus—it is God’s grace, through Christ’s life, death and resurrection,that changes everything for all people.


cross-purpleFirst Communion

Recognizing that children grow and develop at differing rates, there is no minimum age for admission for Holy Communion. When children begin to ask questions about the sacrement, parents are encouraged to contact Pastor David for resources and assistance.