Care & Fellowship Team

Care and Fellowship Team

The functions and duties of the Care & Fellowship Team consist of the following:

  • Assist the staff, Cabinet, and the other Ministry Teams involved in caring, sharing and fellowship activities.

  • Plan and implement an internal Social Ministry Caring Program, which may include, but not be limited to:  Prayer Chain, bereavement meals, crisis meals, cradle roll, parish nurse program, and telephone chains.

  • Provide crisis care for members, which may include, but not be limited to:  hospital visitation, follow-up home visits, pastoral counseling, counseling referrals, care casseroles and crisis meals.

  • Create, manage and encourage activities to promote health and fellowship.

  • Develop congregation support groups for staff.


The Care & Fellowship Team provide:

  • Bereavement Meals
  • The Every Other Month Group
  • Hot Meals Program
  • Leadership, Service, Fellowship (LSF)
  • Parish Nurses
  • Prayer Chain
  • Prayer Shawls
  • Trinitarians
  • Trinity Stampers