Finance Team

The functions and duties of the Finance Team are:

  • Assist the Treasurer in providing oversight of all financial affairs of the congregation to ensure they are being conducted efficiently. This shall be accomplished by monitoring all expenditures to ensure proper and timely payment of the church’s liabilities, and by ensuring proper recording of all monies received from pledges, gifts, memorials, and other donations.

  • Ensure that an annual budget is prepared for the succeeding year by the Budget Committee. The Finance Ministry Team shall communicate with each Cabinet Ministry Team in the development of a budget, which shall be submitted to Congregation Council for its action and later presentation at a Congregation Meeting. Any revisions to the budget shall be reviewed by the Finance Ministry Team.

  • Supervise the activities of all endowment funds through the Endowment Committee.

  • Appoint members to the Budget Committee, and the Endowment Committee. All committee appointments shall be approved by Congregation Council.

  • Recommend all extraordinary solicitation of funds by individuals, groups, committees, or ministry teams to the Congregation Council for action.


 The Finance Team supervises several committees that are integral to church and its functioning:

  • The Budget Committee which prepares the annual budget of the church.

  • The Endowment Committee which meets quarterly with representatives of the financial organization that invests the church’s funds.

  • The Audit Committee which reviews the church’s financial books regularly.

  • The Stewardship Committee which plans a yearly program of giving (monetary and gifts of service/time).